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At club level, the mistake of trying too hard manifests itself in an even more fundamental error - watching the ball too hard . Former Australia batsman Greg Blewett vividly recalls playing against some grade batsmen who never took their eyes off the ball while they were on strike. They would "watch the ball go from the keeper's hands to first slip, from first slip to point, point to cover, cover to mid-off [and mid-off to the bowler's hands]". Then they would keep watching the ball in the bowler's hands from the top of his run-up to the point of release.

According to Chappell's theory, that method of narrowly watching the ball creates at least four substantive problems.

Firstly, the batsman burns through his finite quantum of mental energy at a rapid rate.

Secondly, watching the ball in the bowler's hand as he is running in has the potential to destabilise a batsman's eyes. "Some bowlers run in and their arms are going everywhere," explains Blewett, a follower of Chappell's theory in the back end of his playing career and now an advocate of it as the head coach of South Australia Under-19s and an assistant coach of South Australia and Adelaide Strikers. "It'd be really hard to focus on that ball [because] your eyes would be darting all over the place."

Thirdly, if the batsman watches the ball in the bowler's hand as he's running in then once the bowler jumps into his delivery stride, he will have to quickly shift his central vision from the ball in the bowler's hand next to his thigh up to the area above his head from which he will release the ball. That is a long distance to have to rapidly shift one's central vision, certainly much longer than the short distance - from the bowler's face to the window of release - that adherents to Chappell's theory have to shift their central vision. "It's ad hoc," says Chappell. He "could get there 75% of the time, but 25% of the time might struggle to get there at the right time, whereas… he could get [from the bowler's face to the window of release] nearly 100% of the time."

Greg Blewett firmly believes that the subject of watching the ball and how to best watch it is "one of the most important things there is" for batsmen

Fourthly, if the batsman focuses his gaze solely and exclusively on the ball in the bowler's hand as he is running in, then he undermines his peripheral vision of the bowler's face and body, thereby robbing himself of the visual clues that may help him predict what ball the bowler is going to bowl.

Thus, "watch the ball", that generic bit of advice that every cricketer has heard at some point in their life, could, says Chappell, "be the wrong instruction" - if it is unaccompanied by any explanation or discussion as to how to watch the ball.

Indeed, one could argue that the batting maxim reportedly promulgated by the current Australian head coach Darren Lehmann - "watch the ball, c**t" - is problematic for more reasons than one. It could easily be misinterpreted to mean "watch the ball really hard ", which would lead batsmen to watch the ball in an overly narrow fashion.

JSONText :
JSONValue :
JSONObject :
JSONMember :
JSONString JSONValue
JSONMemberList :
JSONMemberList JSONMember
JSONArray :
JSONElementList :
JSONElementList JSONValue

The parse function parses a JSON text (a JSON-formatted String) and produces an ECMAScript value. The JSON format is a restricted form of ECMAScript literal. JSON objects are realized as ECMAScript objects. JSON arrays are realized as ECMAScript arrays. JSON strings, numbers, booleans, and null are realized as ECMAScript Strings, Numbers, Booleans, and null . JSON uses a more limited set of white space characters than WhiteSpace and allows Unicode code points U+2028 and U+2029 to directly appear in JSONString literals without using an escape sequence. The process of parsing is similar to 11.1.4 and 11.1.5 as constrained by the JSON grammar.

The optional reviver parameter is a function that takes two parameters, ( key and value ). It can filter and transform the results. It is called with each of the key / value pairs produced by the parse, and its return value is used instead of the original value. If it returns what it received, the structure is not modified. If it returns undefined then the property is deleted from the result.

The abstract operation Walk is a recursive abstract operation that takes two parameters: a holder object and the String name of a property in that object. Walk uses the value of reviver that was originally passed to the above parse function.

It is not permitted for a conforming implementation of JSON.parse to extend the JSON grammars. If an implementation wishes to support a modified or extended JSON interchange format it must do so by defining a different parse function.

NOTE In the case where there are duplicate name Strings within an object, lexically preceding values for the same key shall be overwritten.

The stringify function returns a String in JSON format representing an ECMAScript value. It can take three parameters. The first parameter is required. The value parameter is an ECMAScript value, which is usually an object or array, although it can also be a String, Boolean, Number or null . The optional replacer parameter is either a function that alters the way objects and arrays are stringified, or an array of Strings and Numbers that acts as a white list for selecting the object properties that will be stringified. The optional space parameter is a String or Number that allows the result to have white space injected into it to improve human readability.

Get ready! Next Episode we’re breaking down The Rain so catchup ahead of time on NETFLIX



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Posted Tue, 05/22/2018 - 23:12 by Alexis B Preston | 0 comments

Hey y'all! This week we've got a short update brought to you on the field in the back corners of the Virgin Hyperloop One office with Dawn Armstrong. Ben and Dawn often chat about the apocalypse over lunch so this week we're talking about her Altoids survival tins.

Check out the pics on our Instagram.

This week's episode is short while Andie Ben are continuing to work on some podcast updates. For a sneak peak of what's to come, look out for the logo updates on our Facebook Instagram.

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Posted Thu, 04/26/2018 - 16:50 by Alexis B Preston | 0 comments

Hey buddies! This week we’re getting an inside look at the world of Last of Us with Lead Game Designer from Naughty Dog, Richard Cambier. There be Last of Us SPOILERS in this episode, but y’all should have already played it already! We talk about what it takes to create these immersive worlds and the stories that drive them. Ever wondered why you HAVE to kill all the doctors in the room to save Ellie at the end?! We get the answers to that question and even find out how clowns go about the world figuring their way out of fun situations! For more pics and videos check out our instagram! @bunkerbuddiespodcast

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Posted Thu, 04/12/2018 - 14:41 by Alexis B Preston | Clearance Cost Prada Embellished Platform Sandals Free Shipping 2018 Discount Sale xKBRHIuCf

It's the MaxFun Drive and we're going big! We open a MAILBAG with guest Meghan Parks, who is struggling to survive a studio apt with her fiance' meanwhile returning to the podcast is the lovely co-host of CAN I PET YOUR DOG? Renee Covert! We talk about how she was raised to survive on the optimism from Tony Robins tapes as a child while Richard Cambier pops in to give us a little tease of our next episode where we take a long walk down the road of creating the apocalyptic world in "LAST OF US"!

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